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Imaging Suites

The Edmonton PET Centre currently has 2 dedicated PET scanners in the department of diagnostic imaging. These are the Gemini system supplied by Philips Medical and the Biograph mCT supplied by Siemens Healthcare. These scanners are used to provide images of the physiological and metabolic status of disease that can be overlaid with an anatomical image provided by the CT scanner.

Injection Suites

Several diagnostic scans require a waiting period between the injection of the radiopharmaceutical and the imaging to allow for the tracer to disperse throughout the body.

Radiopharmaceutical Manufacturing Labs

The Edmonton PET Centre has a suite of GMP labs for the manufacturing and quality control of all clinically used PET radiopharmaceuticals.

Research Labs and Equipment

The Edmonton PET Centre has several on-site dedicated research labs for the development of new PET radiotracers and their subsequent in vitro and in vivo evaluation. Following regulatory approval, the research complex is designed to facilitate clinical testing of promising new radiopharmaceuticals.

Major equipment in the research complex includes hot cells (Comecer – both BBS and MIP2), analytical instrumentation (HPLC, GC, dose calibrator, etc.), hyperPure Ge gamma spectroscopy, an in vitro laboratory, and a microPET facility.